Plump Lips

Full, Plump Lips-All the Rage...
Lip ‘Plumpers’ contain essential oils like ginger, cinnamon, menthol, wintergreen in a jojoba oil base which increases blood circulation to the lips, making blood rush to the surface, causing flushing and slightly swelling lips. Most all cosmetic companies use similar ingredients in their “lip plumping” products. Basically, these oils are an irritant which is why they make your lips swell. It’s the same as eating hot peppers or salsa, getting the oils from it on your lips-you’ll notice your lips getting plumper and redder, a similar feeling to getting a 'fat lip'. The results are only temporary though so don't believe any advertisements claiming to plump your lips permanently just by applying a product. Only injections by a physician can accomplish that and even those last only so long (several months and then it disappears). Using these oils too often on lips can result in dry, irritated lips. A humectant like glycerin added to the lip product is also important to draw moisture into lips to keep them moist and plump. But anything that adds moisture to lips is helpful. Dry lips will be thinner and show more lines. To lock in moisture, keeping lips naturally plump and fuller (and more youthful looking), hold a warm, steamy wet cloth over lips until it cools down, swipe on a good moisturizer, then seal it all in with a waxy lip balm, petroleum jelly or lipstick. You can make your own lip plumper by adding a couple drops of those essential oils into your pot of lip gloss. Or try rubbing lips with wasabi or hot pepper paste and then apply your lip gloss spiked with some of the essential oils. Brushing lips with a toothbrush to remove old skin will also help increase the 'plump' power. Just don’t overdo it or you could end up drying and chapping your lips-which cancels out making them plump!
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