The Basics About Makeup

Makeup Tips and Tidbits

Whatever your best facial feature is-lips, cheeks or eyes-play up that feature and downplay the others. Never use heavy makeup on more than one feature at a time or they will fight and look clownish. Another advantage of playing up one feature is you can draw attention away from a feature you don’t like such a less than perfect nose by playing up eyes or lips and use little to no blush which would bring attention to the nose. If you have nice full lips but small eyes, use a rich color on lips and go light on eye makeup to keep from making small eyes look even smaller and bring all the attention to your nice lips. If you have great eyes but lips are less than perfect, use a neutral shade on lips and maximize your eyes for attention. If your cheeks are shaped perfectly, you can make them rosy and highlighted with a shimmer, downplaying eyes and lips for a natural, healthy look.

The average time it should take to apply makeup should be 7 minutes or less. If you take more time than that, you’re probably overdoing it for everyday wear. If you apply your foundation right and get a radiant finish, essentially you can just add mascara and lipstick or gloss and look fabulous. If you apply a light layer of foundation to your eyelids to conceal any redness or discoloration, you often can go without any eye shadow at all. This is a great look for those who are very fair or have very small eyes and don’t look good with lots of eye makeup on. Just apply foundation and a couple good coats of mascara to brighten and define eyes.


Elaine Tang said...

These are great tips. It is true that heavy makeup are not very good. I've watched a program recently about making up for woman. Man says that don't want to get close to or befriend with woman who have heavy make up. The reasons are:

1. These woman make them inferior or small. They feel their success rate is very low.
2. Woman with heavy make up doesn't look friendly at all and they fear of getting rejection.

It's good to use light makeups. It might not look as beautiful as heavy makeups but it allows us to create close relationship with others!

Inside Out Beauty said...

I think your tips are amazing, and you are so open!
I've linked you from my blog too

Walk in Clinic said...

Nice tips we must know about makeup basics for looking beautiful.