Reduce Swelling From Cold Sores

Cold Sore Treatment
Use a hemorrhoid cream like Preparation H to reduce a swollen cold sore (avoiding any lip areas where you might be licking it off). Applying ice to the swollen area can help reduce the fat lip as well. Keep the area well moisturized to help prevent hard scabbing and scarring. To help prevent cold sores, avoid too much sun exposure which can bring them on as does excessive stress and eating too much of items like chocolate and walnuts. If you get cold sores occuring frequently, try taking the amino acid suppliment L Lysine to help reduce the number of outbreaks. To help camoflage a breakout, wait till the weeping stops and lightly pat on foundation or concealer just to the breakout after you have moisturized it, and apply powder on top. Repeat applying concealer and powder until it is less noticable. For the lip area, apply a good moisturizer, then lip balm to seal in the moisture and on top of that an opaque lipstick with a good moisture base-avoid matte lipstick which dry the lips (lipsticks labeled 'long wearing' are very drying) and make the sore stand out more. Keeping it moist constantly with an antibiotic ointment or vitamin E oil will help it heal faster and reduce scarring. Bag Balm ointment (available in most drug stores near skin creams and very inexpensive) is also great to use for healing and reducing scar formation, especially at bedtime-use a generous amount to cover well.

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