Treating Sore Gums

Sensitive Gums
Rub some aloe vera gel on gums and let it sit for a while, or use aloe vera juice to swish around your mouth and teeth to strengthen and heal gums. This can also help protect gums before using tooth bleaching or whitening kits if they irritate your gums. Honey is also a natural antimicrobial. Take a spoonful of honey once or twice per day and let it linger around your gums. Green tea is very healing. Drink a couple cups per day (home brewed, not bought in bottles which are usually spiked with sugar and chemicals, making the problem worse) and be sure to swish around your mouth well. For temporary relief of sore, irritated gums, use baby Ambesol (for teething toddlers) to numb the area. If the soreness is long term, get to a Dentist to find out what's wrong since gum and dental problems can be serious. Brushing with baking soda and peroxide helps keep gums and teeth healthy.

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