Your Body's pH Balance

Acid vs Alkaline Balance and Your Health
Keeping your body’s pH balance on the alkaline side is very beneficial for your health and immune system. Bacteria and viruses have a much harder time surviving if your system is alkaline.  A diet with lots of starches, carbohydrates and sugars will make your system very acid. Eating alkaline foods like veggies, fruit keeps your alkaline levels up. If you feel a head cold or flu coming on, drink water throughout the day that is spiked with a shot glassful of apple cider vinegar. Acidic citrus juices work well too since they also contain vitamin C, but the high content of sugars added to most juices can cancel out the benefits of making your body alkaline. I’ve even noticed that I’m less bothered by mosquitoes when my body is very alkaline which comes out through your skin as well. Gout is also caused by eating highly acidic foods like meats, carbs and sugars.

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