Treating & Disguising Bruises
Place a banana peel skin over your bruise and hold it or tape it in place for about a half an hour. There is a chemical in the skin of the peel that helps draw out the bruise. Also rub some cream containing vitamin K into the bruise to help it disappear faster. Vitamin K also helps treat the blue or purple under eye circles that are caused by leaking blood under the thin skin around eyes or the color of your capillaries showing through. Using a yellow color makeup concealer under foundation will also neutralize the blue or purple color. If the color tends to be more red, use green concealer to neutralize the color. Use a small amount over the bruise blended well, then cover with foundation or concealer. If you can't get rid of the bruise fast enough for a big event, try covering it with a special body makeup, the most popular among models is DermaBlend. You can find it usually in pharmacies, larger department stores and they have a web site as well. Dermablend is good for covering up any skin discolorations such as birthmarks, rosacea, scars, bruises, etc since it is very opaque but doesn't look artificial-you name it, it will cover it and it's waterproof so you can even wear it to the pool. DermaBlend has been a staple for the professional modeling and acting world for a very long time and continues to be a leader in coverage for any type of skin problem. Keep a jar on hand in your skin tone so you have it when the need arises. To see a whole line of what DermaBlend has to offer and also view comments from buyers for each product: DermaBlend

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