Makeup Tips for Aging skin

Eyes and Lips and Cheeks
For aging eyes, use natural looking shades and keep eyes subtle but apply brighter colors on your lips to draw attention away from lines around eyes. Choose a brighter lip color that compliments skin color and helps brighten up your whole face since skin begins to look dull and paler as we age. Avoid very dark colors with makes lips look thinner and can age your face. Also be sure the lipstick is loaded with moisturizers to keep lips moist. Dry lips look older and thinner so stay away from matte lipsticks which dry the lips. Don't forget to add a little color to your brows as well since they fade and thin as well with age. Eyes should be framed well with your brows for a youthful look. Blush should be subtle and a creamy base for dryer, older skin, applied to just the apples of the cheeks and fading up and out along cheekbones.

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