Under Eye Circles and Makeup

Treating and Camoflaging Blue-Purple or Brown Under Eye Circles
Treat brown colored circles with a cream containing hydroquinone to fade the brown spots over time and treat blue or purple color circles with creams containing vitamin K (vitamin K helps eliminate bruising discolorations elsewhere also). Key to avoiding undereye circles is to keep the skin moisturized-when undereye skin is dry, circles will be darker. As you age, circles become darker since the skin dries out and gets thinner which shows a lot more of the blood vessel color from underneath your skin. To brighten dark circles that are greenish or purplish, use a pink (for purplish) or peach (for greenish) toned corrector base or concealer stick, then layer over that a yellow tone concealer if they are still noticeable. To keep focus on upper part of eye instead of the circles under eyes, don’t line lower lashes and apply brighter pink or peach on apples of your cheeks to draw focus away from undereyes. If eyelid skin is dark or reddened, lighten lids up with a pale shadow. Applying foundation under your eye makeup will also do wonders for lightening and brightening your whole eye area making you look younger, fresh and wide eyed. Avoid using concealers that are more than about 1 shade lighter than your skin or you’ll look like a white eyed raccoon. For aging or dry skin around eyes, go easy on the concealer since too heavy an application can look pasty and age eyes more or create crepiness around eyes.

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