Simple Rinses for Shiny Hair

Hair Shine Rinse
To get shiny hair, after rinsing out shampoo, pour a glass of natural brewed regular tea (preferably cold) over hair and towel dry or substitute a rinse of 1/3 apple cider vinegar to 2/3 water. Or just rinse hair (very thoroughly to remove all soap residue) in cold water which helps close down the hair’s cuticle, leaving a smoother, shinier surface to hair. Hot water rinsing opens up the hair cuticle making it look rougher and less shiney. Apple cider vinegar has the same pH balance as your skin and hair and is a natural clarifier, removing product buildup, detangler and gives hair shine. Be careful about using on very dry or damaged hair since it can tend to be a bit drying. Chamomile tea is a good rinse for blond hair giving it shine and highlights.

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