Waxing Hair Removal

Sugar Hair Removal Recipe
My good friend in France, Ulla, describes the women in her area making a sugar paste hair remover: add sugar to water and heat it slowly until it becomes similar to taffy consistency adjusting the amount of sugar then roll a ball of it over hairs to remove them while the paste is still warm. This may take a bit of practice to master but it’s a technique used for who knows how long by Mediterranean woman. You can experiment adding a little lemon juice after boiling to help it stick better. Some recipes call for 1 part honey to 3 parts of the sugar in the mixture.

Waxing Hair Removal Substitutes:
If you run out of cotton strips to cover your wax, try using masking tape or scotch tape for brows and other small areas. You can also try cutting strips out of coffee filters to use.

Bikini Line Razor Bumps:
Use a clear drying deodorant on your bikini area when skin is clean and dry after shaving to help prevent razor burn and red bumps. Be sure to keep area exfoliated well to prevent ingrown hairs and unslightly bumps.

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