Manicure Tips

Whiten Nails
During your manicure, soak nails in warm soapy water with a cup of hydrogen peroxide added. This will whiten your nails and get rid of yellow stains and at the same time kill off bacteria. You can also rub lemon slices over nails to help whiten. If discoloration is due to fungus, you must first eliminate the fungus. Use tea tree oil on your nails regularly and soak nails in warm water with half apple cider vinegar added to help remedy the fungus.

Natural Nails
Instead of polish, leave nails natural and keep them shiny and smooth with a buffer nail sponge, brushing it across nails in quick back and forth motions. You can also make them shiny in an instant by rubbing vitamin E over them and it will look like a glossy top coat. It also keeps nails healthy.

Helping Polish Stick
Use face toner on a cotton ball and swipe nails with it to remove natural oils or hand cream residue. Polish will not adhere well to nails with any oiliness and if you use a skin toner that's good for your facial skin-it's also good for your cuticles!

Nail Polish Fast Dry
In a pinch, Pam cooking spray will dry nail polish quickly when sprayed over nail surface. I like to clean out an old nail polish container really well with nail polish remover, refill it with baby oil (mineral oil) and brush it on after my manicure to help speed drying. This is also great for brushing the oil over your cuticles daily to keep them soft and moisturized and bare nails shiney.

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