How to Handle Problem Hair-Curly, Frizzy, Dry, Damaged or Oily

Curly, Frizzy or Dry, Damaged Hair
Avoid shampoos that are clear in color which contain little or no moisturizer. Choose a gentle, pearlized one instead and deep condition once or twice a week. Do a final rinse with cool water after shampooing to smooth and seal the hair cuticle. For styling frizzy, naturally curly hair try pure 100% aloe vera gel. It will help moisturize dry hair and works as a styling gel while making hair healthier. Products that coat the hair, help keep humidity from permeating and causing hair cuticle to swell. Avoid products with alcohol which dry and frizz hair. Gel products containing guar gum help give more control with styling and ridding frizzies. Keep blow drying to a minimum and when blow-drying, force the air in the direction of hair growth so you don't rough up the cuticle anymore then you have to. Always use a styling product that specifically protects hair during heat processes. To separate curls, after washing and towel drying hair, apply mousse and then spray hair with a non-aerosol hairspray all over, combing through then dry with a diffuser.

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Oily Hair
Use plain or clarifying shampoos that are clear in color which contain mostly detergents and little moisturizer. Avoid shampoos that look creamy or pearlized in appearance, which contain oily ingredients and make the oil worse. The idea is to slow the production of oil being produced in your scalp. Don't over wash your hair which temporarily dries out oil glands causing them to produce even more oil in response. Avoid over brushing which stimulates the scalp into producing more oil, or over touching your hair since your fingers will leave more oil residue. If you do need to use conditioner, apply it only to the bottom half of hair or the ends.

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