What to do for your thinning hair:
For many women, hair loss and thinning is not from inheritance, but related to temporary or reversible conditions such as hormonal changes, pregnancy, menopause, thyroid problems, excessive stress, major surgery, chemotherapy or infections. Even dieting, vitamin deficiencies, particularly iron, and some drugs will cause hair loss. Over processing hair with chemicals or pulling hair back too tight can also cause it to fall out. Find out what the underlying problem that is causing the loss in order to correct it. In the meantime, don’t sleep with your hair pulled back tight, treat it with tender care and try using any of the following to help with regrowth: Make a strong tea of any of the following herbs and pour over just washed hair as a final rinse leaving it in hair to dry: Chamomile, catnip or burdock root. For thin hair, avoid long hair, cutting hair in a shorter style. A blunt cut will make your hair appear thicker at the ends and bangs can help mask the look of thinning hair around the forehead. Rogaine for women is also very useful for getting hair to grow back. Exercise will speed up your metabolism, circulation and blood flow, having an effect on hair growth as well. Oil of Rosemary is also good for massaging into the scalp to increase circulation and help hair growth.

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