Self Tanners

Tanning Skin Color from Natural Products
Spread moist coffee grounds on your face for a natural looking tan, leave on for about 20 min. then rinse, tan should last for about 3 days.

Another solution for a natural looking color is to use pure cocoa. To some of your favorite white lotion add pure cocoa powder until you get the desired shade (color will appear much darker in the lotion than it does on your skin). This is good to use on your body as well since the cocoa has a tightening effect which is good for cellulite and your skin in general. Substituting loose bronzing makeup powder for the cocoa will also work. Be sure the lotion doesn't clump in any areas like knees and ankles.

A trick women in the 1940s and 50s used was Tincture of Iodine (a brownish orange antiseptic liquid found in the first aid section of stores). They added the desired amount of the Iodine to a bottle of baby oil and massaged it into their skin to get a suntan color. Do not use on the face if you have oily or acne prone skin as the baby oil (which is just mineral oil) can clog pores. You could also try adding the Iodine to an oil free lotion for your face instead of baby oil.

Camoflage Tan Lines from your Swimsuit Straps
Use some bronzing powder on a small eyeshadow brush and dust lightly along lines. For longer lasting coverage, paint the lines carefully with self tanning cream.

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